A refillable box to mix and match your favourite make-up colors.

Meet your

Dream Team

Single Click Shadow Body

Space for 4 shadow, 2 blushes or 2 shadows & 1 blush


How it Works

Equip your SINGLE CLICK BOX now.
Show your individual taste.

It's unique
it's you
it's easy

  • Get a body

    Choose from two different sizes. Get a SINGLE CLICK BLUSH BODY for 4 shadow or 2 blush colors. Or get a SINGLE CLICK SHADOW BODY for 2 shadows or 1 blush color.
  • Choose your colors

    Choose from 24 shadow and 8 blush colors and add your selection to your body.
  • Combine them in your SINGLE CLICK BOX

    Don’t be satisfied with fully equipped bodies you get in stores. Equip your body with the colors you love.

Style for the lady - class for the girl

Get your Boxes and Colors!