Posted by Damien Green

Hi Everyone!

It's been an exciting year for Bronx Colors New Zealand. Having launched earlier this year, our project has been to get our amazing products out there and show New Zealand how much Bronx has to offer. 
We knew it wouldn't be easy going up against traditional brands but being cruelty free and friendlier on the wallet it didn't take long for Bronx to become a favorite. 
Our Lip Tints were the first to take off, they have become an international sell out with Bronx head office having to order four times the quantity each time they produce them.
The Lip Tints are a favorite for the long wearing matte finish and richly pigmented colors. Top shades of 2016 were Earth Tone MLT10 and Burgundy MLT02. If you haven't got these two in your makeup bag now is the time to add them! We all need a go to Nude and Berry lipstick. 
Recent releases have been well reviewed by our lovely bloggers with the top favorite being the Magic Primer due to its tacky texture which keeps foundation in place all day.
Bronx Colors has an amazing team of designers who stay on top of makeup trends so when Contouring or Strobing becomes the next big thing they are on the job straight away to give you an affordable version without compromising on quality or pretty packaging. 
Next on the release radar is four new eye shadow palettes and an illuminating face powder (yes that's code for highlighter!) you can expect the same beautiful pigmentation but a whole new range of colors. 



This is our first blog but certainly wont be the last. What would you like to hear about next?

A sneak peek at the one of the new palette coming in our next order!